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At Anova Pallets, our plastic pallets have been designed to transport your products at the lowest cost to you. Our plastic export pallets are manufactured using recycled resins and will come in a variety of colors depending upon the recycled material available. Plastic Shipping Pallets are commonly referred to as Recycled Plastic Pallets, Export Pallets, One Way Pallets, or Ship Away Pallets. We carry all varieties of plastics and can create customized solutions for your palletized product needs.




Anova is a small company with big capabilities. Very rarely in the injection molding industry do you find a company of Anova’s size that has equipment that spans from 330 Tons to 1650 Tons. It is our lean approach and versatile equipment that makes us so competitive.




Anova’s founder is Ryan Burk, a second generation plastic injection molder that grew up in his father’s plastic molding facilities. Ryan started his profession at the age of 22 in 1997 and has been molding ever since. Based upon a different way of servicing customers, Anova was founded in 2010. Its staff currently has a combined 29 years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry and growing. This experience has led to the development of their line of plastic pallets. Anova Pallets has quickly gained an advantage in the market due to its low overhead and their ability to quickly respond to market needs. These advantages, combined with superior pallet design, are the keys to Anova Pallet’s success.


Vision Statement


Anova Pallets vision is to conduct their business in a way to be beneficial to the welfare of the environment by providing a useful product that reduces both post-manufacturing and post-consumer waste while reducing deforestation. It is by this directive Anova Pallets can be both a good global citizen while continuing to be a successful business benefitting the lives of their investors, employees and community.




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