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How to select a plastic pallet


Will you be shipping the plastic pallet away without the chance of retrieval, or will you be reusing your plastic pallet multiple times?


Ship Away Pallets are an expense and we recommend inexpensive pallets usually made of recycled material.


How much weight will you place on the pallet in an average situation?


Our pallets can hold up to 2500 pounds static and 2000 dynamic.


Are there USDA, FDA, or ISPM15 regulations to which you need to adhere?


Anova plastic pallets can meet all of those requirmwents, and at a great price.


How will you be transporting your shipment? Is weight of the pallet a major factor?


Anova plastic pallets are some of the lightest in the industry without compromising strneght or cost.


How does your company green directive effect your purchasing? Is recycled plastic what you are looking for or should you consider a bio pallet?


Anova's plastic pallets are 100% recyclable, and our exclusive biodegradable pallet formula is the right choice, at the right price for you , your company and the planet.

Plastic Pallets Comparison

Pallet Type Econo  Pallet FDA Pallet Performance Pallet BioMass Pallet
Weight 11.65 lbs. 11.65 lbs. 11.65 lbs. 12 lbs.
Static Load Max. 2500 lbs. 2500 lbs. 2500 lbs. 2500 lbs.
Dynamic Load Max. up to 2000lbs. up to 2000lbs. up to 2000lbs. 2000 lbs.
Dimensions 48" x 40" x 4.75" 48" x 40" x 4.75" 48" x 40" x 4.75" 48" x 40" x 4.75"
ISPM-15 Exempt Yes Yes Yes Yes
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